AeroCare got its start in 1991 as a small Maryland based business.  Locally owned and operated, the owner has been an Anne Arundel county resident since 1969.   AeroCare was a pioneer in marketing and developing the residential power wash industry within the Maryland area.  At the inception of the business, the power wash service industry was unknown to the average homeowner.  After years of fostering an understanding and marketing the benefits of power washing, it is now a common household term.

Originally geared to service the general aviation industry, in 1991 AeroCare quickly expanded into the residential market, followed soon afterwards with an expansion into the commercial market.  The residential and commercial market became the mainstay of the business, while the aviation segment was eventually discontinued from the list of offered services.  Consideration was given to a name change, however, the business name had already become known within the local industry.  Now, in its 16th year of business, AeroCare remains a respected Maryland business servicing Anne Arundel and surrounding counties.